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    for smart travelers

Stay on top of your travel budget

Your travel budget and expenses in one place.
Easier than ever to track and manage.

Made for travelers by travelers

Hop Wallet is a result of our 2 years experience overlanding the Americas. We know what travelers want in a budgeting and expense tracking app.

Interactive charts

Visualize, slice and dice your budget & expenses with interactive charts to gain insight into your spending.

Split expenses with co-travelers

Track shared expenses with travel mates: who owes what and how much.

Customize every aspect

Your own categories with custom icons and colors, receipt photos, hidden travel expenses, and many more features.

World currencies support

Convert you expenses between all world currencies with a single tap, even offline.

Free, no ads

The standard version of the app is fully functional with no ads and is only limited by the number of expenses you can create.

The only travel budgeting app you'll ever need

Hop Wallet for Android is an intuitive and easy to use personal finance app for travelers. It takes the hassle out of tracking expenses and balancing a budget, leaving you free to enjoy the fun part - your trip.

  • Your budget and expenses at your fingertips
  • Convert between world currencies with a single tap
  • Gorgeous, interactive charts
  • Custom expense categories, with colors and icons
  • Split expenses with travel mates
  • Standard version free with no ads

Born on the roads of Latin America

Hop Wallet was specifically built for travelers by travelers. We’re Lucy, Peter, Julia and Lilly - a family of four who started our overlanding journey from North America to Patagonia more than 2 years ago.

Traveling in a camper for extending periods of time, besides being exciting and fun, requires strict planning - including financial. Doing budgeting and expenses the old fashioned way on paper and spreadsheets and accumulating loose receipts quickly became a chore. We searched for something that would enable us to do it on our phones. Initially we stumbled upon a great iOS app built by the folks of Never Ending Voyage.

Unfortunately, we got robbed in Costa Rica, and our shiny iPhones got replaced with more travel-friendly and not so flashy Androids. But, there simply wasn’t a decent Android replacement for the original iOS app we were using.

Thus Hop Wallet was born.

Los Glaciares, Argentina


Streamlined, functional design

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